Milestone Systems has announced an update to XProtect 2022 R3

системи для відеоспостереження
calendar15 January 2023

2022 R3 is a recommended software update for all XProtect users.
What are the benefits and what’s new?

– Gather evidence more efficiently
XProtect Incident Manager allows users to manage incidents directly in the VMS and connect video streams to incidents as they occur. When the incident comes to an end, users can stop the video recording and start entering details of the incident: text, date, time, create lists. Incident categories are fully customizable, allowing users to define the types and details for reporting. Pre-recorded video footage can also be added to the incident to make the evidence more compelling.

– Detailing when recognizing vehicle license plates
Depending on the license plate format of each country, users can distinguish between trucks, cars, limousines, buses, police cars and other types of vehicles. In addition, some countries have different license plate formats for electric and gas vehicles, which can now also be easily identified with the updated license plate recognition system from Milestone Systems.

Also, the system received other improvements: expanded search function, updated user interface, improved management of mobile devices, etc.
Contact INLIMITED for details and to upgrade your VMS XProtect.