New IT solutions for transport and warehouse logistics

calendar17 May 2021

Digital transformation stimulates retailers, logistics and warehouse operators to improve the efficiency of business processes and input new technologies. This is because companies that choose a course to innovate and digitalize their business are quickly breaking into the industry leaders.

Modern trends dictate to us that it is difficult to organize an effective IT infrastructure without creating a unified information system based on first-class equipment. We offer a integrated solution that allows you to optimize logistics processes and introduce new ways of working that increase employee productivity and ensure the safety of the facility.

Large volumes – great control

In the process of logistics and warehouse operations, huge amounts of data accumulate, which, with the correct use of modern IT solutions, contribute to optimizing work processes, increasing productivity, and, as a result, increasing profitability.

One of the ways big data can be used in the supply chain is to speed up the processing and delivery of goods and packages. Companies in this sector are using geo-analytics to simplify cargo tracking and eliminate tedious customer waiting times. This solution is complemented by an electronic control system for the entry/exit of vehicles from sorting or warehouse points. Such a system allows operators of facilities to receive up-to-date information about the vehicle, cargo, route, destination – in automatic mode.

Data collection is carried out at the checkpoint due to:

– systems for reading QR codes (route, estimated time of arrival, type of cargo);

– video analytics systems (check-in and check-out times, license plate, car type, driver data);

– weighing systems (determination of overload or shortage);

– systems for reading RFID tags for goods and parcels (nomenclature, dimensions, weight, storage conditions, etc.).

Therefore, a comprehensive solution allows you to reduce the queues of vehicles in front of the logistics center, as well as to automate some of the processes when checking vehicles, accepting and handling cargo. With such an organization of work, the costs of printing related documentation and the burden on operators will be reduced.

Another way big data analytics creates a more efficient supply chain is through warehouse management. There are a large number of real-time inventory management solutions in this sector, but we are not going to talk about them. We propose to consider solutions that increase the productivity and labor safety of warehouse employees.

Intelligent speech-to-text solutions allow you to control the placement and selection of goods in the warehouse using your voice. The implementation of the solution will eliminate the process of reading the picker from the tablet screen or paper sheets, free his hands and increase the speed of warehouse operations. The work of the solution is simple: the warehouse management system generates a task, transmits it to the voice assistant, the employee receives a voice command and informs about its implementation through an industrial headset. With such a system, warehouse workers not only stop making mistakes, but also are not distracted by related processes, which avoid injuries and downtime.

To improve the safety of logistics and warehouse processes, it is also important to control the location, workload and movement of warehouse vehicles. Usually, for these purposes, sensors are used to monitor the performance of forklift trucks, reach trucks. For example, an RFID tag system is used to track the movement of equipment and to notify the operator if the warehouse vehicle has moved out of the control area.

Big data – reliable hardware

Working with large amounts of data requires a reliable hardware solution that guarantees uninterrupted operation, the use of intelligent functions, and fast data processing . Having tested the equipment of several vendors, we settled on technologies and solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. They offer entire systems to create a digital manufacturing platform that connects all environments, from the edge to the cloud, to support digitalization for retailers, logistics and warehouse operators

For example, HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 — is the leading solution for high performance computing and intelligent technologies in the data center.

The main features of this model are:
– NVIDIA HGX A100 and AMD Radeon Instinct MI100 accelerators, for high performance computing or artificial intelligence.

– Supports Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) system, which comes pre-filled, fully integrated in the rack and ready to plug into the water supply. This contributes to lower cost of ownership, improved cooling efficiency and higher power density.

– In the unlikely event of a firmware breach on the HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 Plus with advanced security features, the firmware can be quickly and automatically restored to its last operating state, minimizing system downtime.

Contact INLIMITED, we will create for you an individual project to optimize a warehouse or logistics complex using advanced technologies, we will offer the necessary software and high-quality equipment.

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