Innovative equipment for comprehensive security is in Inlimited solutions

calendar06 December 2018

We are the first, who have implemented a unique video surveillance system, using thermal imaging rotatable platforms with IP and PTZ cameras manufactured by Axis.

Our company has implemented technology platforms – complex of cameras: IP and PTZ. That was in the port of Chornomorsk, which provides conditions for a foreign trade with more than 100 countries of the world. The main goal is controlling the water area and instantly identifying unforeseen situations.

The 360-degree circular panoramic view, vertical tilt and 30x optical zoom of PTZ cameras provides coverage of a large area. The built-in laser makes cameras the fastest-focusing that ensures clarity and detail in scenes with both dark and light areas. The IP camera models used in the project are equipped with intelligent functions and perfectly detect and control the movement of objects.

Another feature of Inlimited architectural solution is the sharing of thermal imaging and robotic (Speed Dome) equipment. These cameras work well even in complete darkness, as they are sensitive to heat, not to light. Therefore, any thermal radiation of vehicles, equipment, people and animals is recorded. In addition, rotatable cameras have a patrol function, which is configured for continuous monitoring of a given area, in accordance with the route user specified.

Developing the project for the port of Chornomorsk, the company’s specialists took into account specific problems of the customer and implemented a solution which fully complies with the requirements of the port’s Maritime Security Services.