Alert systems: increasing work efficiency and security

calendar24 August 2022

Whether it’s an evacuation notice at your facility, a promotional message, or regular daily announcements in the store, public address systems allow you to clearly convey information to your target audience.

– Emergency notification
Send real-time messages and play pre-recorded alerts to prevent adverse events, provide up-to-date evacuation or road accident information for effective traffic management. The solutions are easily integrated with other systems, such as video surveillance and analytics, access control, VoIP, so that you get a complete picture of events.

– Automatic reminders
You can create a schedule of reminders, conveying recommendations and rules, informing about promotions, reminding to observe social distancing or regular hand washing. In retail, this multi-functional solution can be used to play background music and complement visitor counting technology to play audio messages and alert shoppers and cashiers that the space is close to the maximum number of people allowed.

Broadcast relevant messages at the right time and place
You can make announcements in real time, by schedule or by events throughout the day in different areas of the facility.

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