Is using a Speech-To-Text software worth it?

calendar11 May 2023

Did you know that it usually takes a 4.5 hours to transcribe an hour of speech by hand?
That is why one of the main advantages of using software solutions for speech to text is saving time. In addition, the audio analytics industry has come a long way thanks to the development of machine learning models that guarantee not only a high level of accuracy, but also quality analytics.

Why should you automate the shorthand process?
– Focus on what is important
Meeting participants or journalists do not need to take their own notes during a meeting or interview, and can focus on the topic being discussed. Thus, technologies contribute to better interaction of meeting participants.

– Save time
Automatic speech-to-text conversion and recording processing with identification of speakers, main topic and key phrases — for quick search and sorting of materials.

– Simplify links
If you need to go back to the meeting discussions, a transcribe is the easiest way to do so. By maintaining an archive of information from meetings, interviews, conferences, meetings, speeches, valuable information is always at hand.

– Automate reporting
The transcribed text of the meeting can be used to create a template report, including a draft version of the minutes.

Thus, modern technologies help not only to automate the process of converting speech into text, but also to generate a report, collect statistics, and keep convenient data records.
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