A unique combination: video camera and radar in one device

камера та радар
calendar29 November 2022

Axis Communications announces the release of a new device that provides object classification by combining two powerful technologies: video surveillance and radar.

What are the features of AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion?
Taking advantage of the camera
The powerful functionality of the Axis Q series camera: analytics support, high-quality image even in low light, etc
Improved technology Axis Scene Intelligence – imaging tool that eliminates the need for fine-tuning during installation and adjustments as environmental conditions change

Taking advantage of radar
Detection and classification of objects at a long distance regardless of the level of visibility
Determination of speed and distance of moving objects, motion visualization in the program window

Wider notification settings functionality
– Setting triggers when working in the dark for automatic activation of searchlights, IR lights, etc
Setting up events caused by suspicious behavior (fast approach of a person or car)

Advantages during operation
Low total cost of ownership: one installation device, one cable connector, one IP address and one VMS license
A durable and weather-resistant device
Built-in cyber security features to protect your system

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