TOP-3 market trends of security video surveillance systems

Купити відеокамери
calendar06 September 2022

Year by year, security video surveillance is becoming more and more “intelligent”. What opportunities and prospects for video surveillance systems does this year open for us?

– Video surveillance is no longer “eyes”, it is “brain”
Cameras have already learned to confidently identify people and classify objects even in difficult surveillance conditions. The most recent prospects relate to the technologies of behavioral analysis: divagation, aggressive behavior, suspicious actions, detection of unwellness and dizziness, etc. Such solutions will give a new impetus to the development of security systems, allowing to prevent events, and not just react to them after the fact.

– Unification of technologies in the field of security systems
For a long time, video surveillance systems, access control systems, perimeter control systems, and fire protection solutions developed in parallel, but in recent years it has become possible to effectively combine them on the basis of IP networks, providing control from a single point. Modern technologies at the interface of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT, AIoT) allow effective integration of video surveillance with various radars, sensors, detectors and other devices.

– Demand for services – VSaaS – continues to grow
For users, the convenience lies in connecting the camera anywhere there is Internet access, in the “dimensionless” storage of video data, and most of all – in new analytics and the ability to integrate security systems based on a single secure platform.

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