INLIMITED Solutions on the Milestone Marketplace

calendar12 January 2021

INLIMITED solutions on the Milestone Marketplace – a platform for video surveillance technologies.

Separate systems with sets of programs are a thing of the past. Customers require unique technological solutions that can be integrated into a single platform. This principle was supported by Milestone and created an international marketplace of services, equipment and a variety of video management applications that are compatible with XProtect®.

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– You say – we act.
We adapted voice recognition and speech to text technology in different languages for biometric identification, improving the customer experience and responding quickly to unpredictable sound situations.

– You are distracted – we control.
A feature of the access control solution is its multifactoriality: card, face, biometrics, smartphone, car number plate and their combinations.

– You relax – we monitor.
The service of remote monitoring of the video surveillance system in the 24/7/365 mode will provide you with savings of labor and material resources. We will promptly respond to incidents and quickly notify you in a way that is convenient for you.

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