We are at “BEZPEKA 2019”

calendar23 October 2019

On October 22, a conference “Security and IoT” was held with a representative of the world-renowned Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Ukraine – Sophela. The conference theme was dedicated to advanced analytics and IoT solutions for Smart Cities.

– Examples of implementation of hybrid technologies in corporate and public sectors were considered;
– Demonstrated audio and video analytics capabilities. Cases on the possibilities of using these technologies in the field of security are presented;
– The conditions for ensuring the manageability, productivity and security of IT systems within the data center are discussed;
– An overview of solutions that facilitate identification to improve information security has been reviewed.

We want to thank our partners for their contribution and support! Inlimited continues its participation in the international exhibition “BEZPEKA 2019”.

We invite everyone to visit our booth “Inlimited & HPE” until October 25!

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