Technological solutions for cities and regions in one place

Рішення для Безпечного міста
calendar28 June 2022

We have launched a separate site dedicated to the concept of “Safe Country”.

Here you can find a list of modern solutions from leading manufacturers by category:
Infrastructure security
– Security in the city
– Solutions for communication with local residents
– Solutions for situation center
– System core

The peculiarity of the INLIMITED concept is: combining various systems both in the city and in the region – together and managing them on the principle of a single window. That is why most of the presented solutions have an open architecture and easily integrate with other systems and applications.

The Inlimited Smart City platform will provide data collection from the set of systems, monitoring of the situation and analysis of events in many areas, rapid detection of security threats and prompt response to them .

We invite you to the site to choose a solution: www.tech-solutions.inlimited.ua

INLIMITED specialists are always ready to provide assistance, both in the selection of the solution and in its further installation, configuration and maintenance.