Engineering Systems

Engineering systems – these are software and hardware complexes that provide favorable conditions for the work of staff and the necessary conditions for the operation of the process and security.

We offer
We create powerful and multifunctional solutions of varying degrees of complexity and specificity for a variety of customer’stasks. It allows you to conduct continuous online monitoring and analysis of the situation on the object with the storage of video material to search and view the necessary fragments in it.
Video surveillance system
We offer the following intelligent technologies: - analysis of scenes with wide possibilities of programming tasks - recognition of persons, symbols, objects - analysis of demographic indicators and determination of mood - classification of objects and scenes.
Intelligent video analytics system
We provide modern software and hardware which allow to automate control systems and more effectively manage the security of an object.
Control system and access control
The carefully designed and professionally implemented security alarm system promptly informs you about the intrusion of unauthorized persons into the protected area and ensures the safety of your property and confidential information.
Security alarm system
We are developing control systems that are capable of providing the safety and comfort of living or working in the building of people, reliable operation, as well as optimization of resource costs.
Building management system
Professional design and quality installation of the fire alarm system help to quickly determine the place of ignition, its localization and elimination.
Fire extinguishing system and fire alarm system
We design and deploy the ventilation and air conditioning system in accordance with the client’s requirements and the specific features of the premises. The selection of optimal equipment and high-quality installation of the whole system provides a favorable microclimate both for the health of the person and for the operation of the equipment.
Ventilation and air conditioning system
We design and create an individual power supply solution based on the analysis and planning of future loads. The accounting of indicators of reliability of electrical receivers, such as the current used, operating modes, as well as power and voltage, help to propose the optimal solution.
Power supply system
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