What are the key features of the Wisenet IP audio system?

Audio Management System
calendar21 April 2023

Hanwha Vision presented a comprehensive audio solution Wisenet Audio Management System (AMS) for playback and management of audio in various scenarios.

– Wisenet AMS only for small facilities?
For objects of any size. The system is built on All-in-One IP loudspeakers with internal memory, they are combined over the network in the necessary combinations: up to 256 devices with a speaker in controller mode, and up to 512 – using an audio server.

– What are the plots of sound management?
No restrictions: you can broadcast recorded messages to all loudspeakers or to a specific location (for example, to scare off an intruder), play background music by zone, adjust the volume, use the year-ahead planner (say, to let employees go early in the run-up to the holidays) or speak with people at the facility here and now, including using IP phones.

– Is there integration with video surveillance?
The IP audio system can work independently or integrate with the Wisenet video system at the facility, then the installation cost is reduced (the IP speakers are connected to the PoE-extender video cameras with one cable). In this case, sound files are played according to scenarios, for example, on an alarm from “on-board” analytics of the camera.

Currently, all Wisenet AMS equipment is already available for order in Ukraine – contact INLIMITED.