Smart parking: peace of mind of the driver, awareness of the owner

відеоспостереження для парковки
calendar15 August 2022

How do you feel when you find the perfect parking spot on the first try?
And if not, – disappointment and anger, because it takes a lot of time, and can provoke illegal parking.

How does technology contribute to solving this problem?
– IoT solutions for parking management
For parking lots, the solution may be the installation of parking space occupancy sensors based on LoRaWAN technology. Sensors are installed in the asphalt and transmit data about the presence of cars to the LoRaWAN gateway. The owner receives an occupancy monitoring system, the driver monitors information about free seats either on a special board at the entrance or in a mobile application.

– Video analytics is a set of functions for parking control
With the help of modern video surveillance systems, it is possible not only to monitor the presence of cars in parking spaces, but also to recognize car license plates and control zones where parking is prohibited. This solution will be especially useful for the city administration, because it will provide an opportunity to record violations of parking rules on the streets – for issuing fines.

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