The Inlimited solution helps to control the seaport territory

calendar02 October 2018

How to control the water area in real time to respond to a regular or unforeseen situation?

To control the Kherson Sea Port Authority’s territory, Inlimited specialists have selected all-weather equipment that supports long-range wireless communication over several kilometers and operates at obstacles such as tower cranes.

Mobotix cameras were installed at each station. They are capable of providing a wide viewing angle and are characterized by stable high-quality work in conditions of aggressive environment: in sharp drops of temperature, extremely high humidity, showers, fog and direct sunlight.

Now all the information from the cameras is sent centrally to a security service where dispatchers monitor the movement of the water area, monitor contamination, clogging, water depletion, provide fire safety and ensure that emergency rescue work is provided on time.

Located at the mouth of the Dnipro River, the Kherson Port is located in the heart of the transport corridors of the Euro-Asian and Black Sea Economic Community and is therefore of strategic importance to the country. The issue of the safety of the water area of ​​the port is the number one issue, and it is being implemented day by day with Inlimited solution!