Inlimited professional solutions increase security in seaports

Our company had created a modern video surveillance system, which facilitated the work of the Maritime Security Service of the Reni Sea Port Authority.

calendar 27 December 2018
Innovative equipment for comprehensive security is in Inlimited solutions

We are the first, who have implemented a unique video surveillance system, using thermal imaging rotatable platforms with IP and PTZ cameras manufactured by Axis.

calendar 06 December 2018
We did it: the intelligent system recognizes the Ukrainian language

Having received the support of Micro Focus (UK) and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, our company has learned artificial intelligence to understand and reproduce the Ukrainian language.

calendar 02 December 2018
“CHANGING THE FUTURE with Micro Focus”

On November 6, 2018 our company held a conference on the possibilities of using the latest technologies in the areas of: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning.

calendar 06 November 2018
The Inlimited solution helps to control the seaport territory

How to control the water area in real time to respond to a regular or unforeseen situation?

calendar 02 October 2018
How does Inlimited Face Recognition work?

Can the face recognition system produce 100% results?

calendar 30 September 2018