Uninterrupted operation when there is no electricity

купити дбж київ
calendar14 November 2022

For a month now, Ukrainians have been living in conditions of blackouts and forced to adapt to long-hour blackouts.

INLIMITED offers uninterruptible power supplies from Legrand Co. They ensure stable operation and protection of computers, peripheral devices, equipment of security and video surveillance systems, networks and servers in case of overloads, short circuits, low voltage and other problems in electrical networks.

The main reasons for choosing UPS:
– Reliability
The automatic UPS voltage regulator (stabilizer) improves the output signal without switching to battery operation, which allows you to significantly increase the service life of the device and avoid unwanted system reboots caused by power supply problems.

– Autonomy
The UPS’s internal storage batteries provide sufficient battery life for the safe completion of electrical equipment work processes.

– Convenience
UPSs are equipped with a monitoring function that allows you to monitor all the necessary indicators of the power grid. The models are manufactured both with output connectors according to IEC standards and with sockets, and have USB connectors for charging mobile devices.

To choose the optimal solution for your needs – contact INLIMITED.