Automation of business processes or video analytics is not only about security

calendar21 October 2022

Video surveillance systems are mostly used to ensure security, predict crimes and accidents. However, the implementation of deep learning technologies allows video surveillance systems to significantly expand their functionality. Numerous functions of video analytics become reliable assistants precisely for monitoring and managing work processes.

In previous publications, we mentioned that we support and work with Ukrainian manufacturers of video analytics systems, one of them is the company INNI. Their products and solutions are successfully integrated in many agricultural, trading and manufacturing companies.

Among the tasks of complex video analytics systems for these industries, they highlight:
– Agrosector
Video analytics allows you to avoid the risk of fraud with weight and quality indicators, prevent spoilage and theft of products, reduce queues and idling of vehicles during unloading/loading, etc.

– Retail
The list of tasks of video analytics for this area is quite wide, among the main ones are the control of cash operations, detection of fraud and technical errors of employees, recording of thefts by visitors. No less useful are the data for marketers that the system can provide, such as the determination of areas of intense traffic, peak loads, counting and gender analysis of visitors. In addition, there are modules for both the control of the premises and the control of security personnel during non-working hours and much more.

– Production
Modern video analytics systems provide control at all production stages: automation of product acceptance and shipment processes, defect detection, automatic creation of documents in accounting systems based on photo-video recording, control of employee integrity, etc.

Logistics, warehouses, financial institutions and other industries – there is a solution for everyone. To receive a list of advantages of the video analytics system for your tasks and field, contact INLIMITED.