Inlimited на Milestone Integration Platform Symposium 2019

calendar15 April 2019

Our company, as a Gold Partner, was invited to the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) EMEA 2019 held in Copenhagen.

For several years now, such an event has brought together partners, customers and a reputable researchers together to consider innovations in the video and communications industry.

We are excited by new ideas, have gained valuable experience and knowledge and would like to share new trends with you:

1. The main vector is the transfer of analytics functions to cameras. Martin Gren, co-founder of Axis Communications, and representatives of Milestone Systems, who planned to launch metadata functionality in cameras in the next release, commented on this trend, although the company has always positioned its products as Video Management System (professional software).

2. Another trend is the compliance of video surveillance with the new GDPR standards and the introduction of an efficient, secure and regulated system of processing of personal data. After all, artificial intelligence-based video analytics gives you access to a wealth of information that needs to be analyzed and protected.

3. Anonymity and concealment of information about yourself. Demanding analytical video technologies that allow to close or blur a person’s face in real-time. We were surprised that there were really few professional decisions in this area.

Our company meets modern technological trends and is ready to implement projects with their consideration in Ukraine!