Security Monitoring

Solutions for automatic analysis, identification and digital saving of the audio fragments of speech mirroring the information monitored by the security service

Key functions
Restoration of events, detection:
  • Aggression
  • Car alarms
  • Breaking glass
  • Shots
  • Shouts, baby crying
  • Keywords (“police”, “help”, etc.)
Simultaneous use of several analytical functions at a time:
  • Voice recognition
  • Automatic classification of the material into the themes, plots, sources, dates, geographic places and other specified criteria
  • Sentiment analysis
Search by the context, keywords, metadata and audio fragments
Flexible reporting system and interactive reports updated in the real time
Purposes of use
Rapid response to unforeseen situations, investigations
Monitoring of the speech sources and processing of the audio archives for the purpose of finding the information requested by the service
Prohibition of disclosure of the confidential information or the trade secret
Assessment of the staff credibility
Verification of the employee abidance by the professional ethics
The analysis results are provided in the form of
Reports in various formats
Analytic information web-panel for incoming content monitoring
Email notification about the monitored analysis results
Video archive of files classified according to the customer request
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